Fly Fishing the Smoky Mountains in Winter

Posted by on February 9, 2012
The fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mounatains National Park has been pretty good this winter. We have been blessed so far with a very mild winter, and the cold weather has moved way for rain, and more rain followed by days reaching the mid sisxties. 60's you ask, in winter? Yep that's right, we did say we had been blessed. The trout are now kind of confused as what to do. They know they shouldn't be eating as much, but the weather and bugs hatching off have them feeling like its spring time, so when in Rome as they say. We've been seeing steady hatches of Little Winter Stone Fly Nymphs, along with tons and tons of Caddis flies. Most are small and black to dark grey, but nonetheless the trout are keying in on them and we are having a ball. The best time to fly fish the Smoky Mountains have been mid morning until mid afternoon. At times, you can fish solely dry flies. we know, dry flies in the Smoky Mountain winter, that sounds crazy right? But it's true. Old Man Winter may not be over by a long shot yet, but we are sure not going to sit around and wait him out either. We're going to be on the water enjoying this mixed up crazy winter season we've been having. Come on out and fish with us. We'll be the ones out catching trout while others have dened up for the winter For booking information call 828-488-7665 or email us at Tight Lines

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